Strategy to Win Online Poker Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are one way to truly get something for nothing from online poker rooms. Freeroll tournaments sounds as good as it is, it’s a tournament with no entry fee. Its free! The reason online poker rooms offer free tournaments is to attract new customers, get more action in ring games, and to create regular tournament players. Most of the time the prize for winning is cash, they also sometimes offer player points, tournament entry’s, and other prizes. From a mathematical perspective freerolls are great, you can win stuff with no risk of losing anything but your time.

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The worst part about playing in freeroll tournament is that you wont learn anything. Since there is no entry fee players don’t see any value in their chips. Especially when there’s a thousand players fighting to get into the top 30 to get into the money. Some freerolls only pay first place, Its very hard to get first place in a freeroll with a thousand players. Most¬† freeroll players play bizarre, wild, and random. Since they play so strange its nothing like a regular tournament. This means you really you wont learn much about tournament strategy playing freerolls. However I do recommend that everyone plays at least a freeroll every once in awhile, especially¬† if you are just beginning to play tournaments.

There are other “freerolls” that aren’t exactly free. They may require a certain amount of frequent player points or a required amount of raked hands to enter. The good thing about these tournaments is that there are usually less people and better payouts. This means that most players will play a little better and try harder to win. Watch out though because a lot of player will still play wild. Since there is a “cost” to enter these freerolls I always recommend taking advantage of them, you did earn it! Via qq online

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